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Resources :: Emergency Planning

Terrorism: The thinking for the DC area is that likely there will be no mass evacuation. Evacuation will occur from the immediate area of an event, and down wind of a biological/radiological event

Events of Nature: Devastating tornados, earthquakes, disease, and who knows whatóa water main break? (Some wished they had some jugs of water for cooking, hand washing and, most important of all, scotch & waters during our recent water event).

Preparedness Recommendation: We all have been advised to Shelter in Place and to be able to sustain ourselves for at least three days before professional help might arrive. This time period could be extended into weeks should a flu pandemic affect this area.

Preparedness Status: Some have planned and have stocked up. Some just donít think that itís necessary. Some would like to, but just donít know how/where to start.

One Step Preparedness Solution

Buy an Emergency Kit:

  • Costco.com (online, not in store). Search American Preparedness. Displayed is a Backpack that contains all of the essential items for 4 people for 3 days, including food and water @ $124.99. It weighs 35#. Itís amazing! The same screen also displays a Fanny Pack for 1 person for 3 days @ $44.99. Lighter and could provide for split storage locations.
  • Target.com (in local store and on line). Search American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit. Has no food/water. @$29.99.
  • Arlingtonredcross.org/html/first_aid.html. Displays various First Aid packs plus Backpack Disaster Supply Kit. Long order time for the backpack.
  • Check out the online sites to see contents and to see which best suits your needs. I have seen both the Costco Backpack and the Target kit. Considering all, and the long order time for the Red Cross backpack, my own preference would be the Costco items.
  • Local Advance Auto Parts stores have brochures suggesting items to make up an auto Roadside Emergency Kit.
  • Of course, you can always build your own. This is really the more fun way. Once you get into it you will be amazed at how much useful and interesting stuff there is out there. Try camping stores, the travel section of CVS for miniature items, online sites, or talk to a CERT friend. Like me, youíll probably end up with all kinds of goodies. It has been fun.


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